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Where is the Water Meter in My Yard?

Post Date:07/05/2016 1:16 PM
Most homes and businesses have a water meter in their front landscaped area. These meters allow the City to read the usage, access them for any repairs or shut off in an emergency. It is important for these meters to be visible and accessible.

How do I keep my meter visible and accessible to the City?

Before and after photos show images of how difficult it can be to locate meters. You can see in these photos, how trimming and clearing the area around the meters, makes them more accessible to our City crews.

Why do I need to keep my meter visible and accessible?

Meters are maintained on a regular basis and meters that are visible and accessible saves time on repairs and maintenance. To ensure the quickest response time in case of an emergency, it is important for the meter to be visible and accessible within the landscape. Do not put anything on top of the meter box or obstruct access in any way.

Who do I contact for questions about where my meter is located?

If you are unsure where your meter is located in your yard, contact Public Utilities at (801) 352-4400.
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