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Home Remodeling & Renovation

Post Date:07/05/2016 1:48 PM

Sandy City has a long history that dates back to the beginning of the 19th century. Sandy saw a huge boom in housing from 1970 through the 1980's. Now Sandy's homes are starting to age and many are in need of remodeling, upgrading and facelifts. Are you thinking about remodeling your 1980's or older home here in Sandy but don't know where to start or did you buy that house loving the inside floor plan but didn't necessarily like the look of the house from the street? Are you looking for some ideas that may help you along to give your home that new look?

If you have been thinking about working on the outside of your home but not sure where to start here are some hints, ideas and information that may help you along the way. There are probably a lot of questions that homeowners are asking themselves about remodeling their home but don't know where to start to look for answers. Here are some of the questions that you may be asking yourself (along with and hopefully some useful answers):

1. What can I do to my home to give it more curb appeal? It could be as simple as an exterior color change. Other ideas to consider may include exterior changes such as a new front door or garage door, new energy efficient windows, the addition of shutters on existing windows, or adding new wood-like siding (such as a Hardi-Plank material) that looks better than what you have and takes less maintenance. Sometimes all a home needs is an upgrade to its existing landscaping to give it a whole new feel from the street.

2. Can I add more square footage to my home? Yes, more square footage can often be added to your home to improve its value such as the addition of new rooms, new front porches, second-floor space, etc. Sandy City has recently made some ordinance changes that allow less distance from your home to the rear property line in some zones and also some that allow less distance from your home to the sidewalk in the front of your home.

3. Do any of the changes I may make qualify for energy rebates or tax credits? Many remodeling and renovation projects may qualify for rebates from Questar and Rocky Mountain Power as well as tax rebates and/or tax credits.

4. What's in it for me as the homeowner/property owner? All of these changes can help increase your property's value as well as make homeowners feel better about their homes. Often times it encourages homeowners to stay in their existing neighborhoods rather than moving to new homes.

5. Are permits and inspections required for any of my remodeling? Some changes require a building permit and inspection while others do not. Permits and inspections are typically required for work that is structural or related to your safety.

6. What kinds of remodeling projects do not require a permit ? Items such as painting, carpeting, hardwood floors and adding shutters to existing windows do not require a permit.

7. What kinds of remodeling project require a permit ? Items such as re roofing, re siding, furnace replacement, A/C upgrades, water heater replacement, building additions, removal of certain walls within the home and electrical work would typically require a permit.

8. Do I need to hire an architect or an engineer to do my remodeling? Some remodeling projects may require the services of a licensed architect or a structural engineer depending on how extensive the remodeling work is.

9. Do I need to hire a licensed contractor to do my remodeling? Typically a contractor is not required for work on your own home. However, there are certain things that are best left to a licensed Professional contractor to do such as structural changes, remodeling that relates to your safety such as gas appliances, electrical work and framing or changes that you just don't want to do or feel that you are not capable of doing yourself.

10. Who can I contact at Sandy City should I desire to do an exterior and/or interior remodel to my home? For more general information please contact the Sandy City Planning Division at (801) 568-7256. For information regarding permits that may be required please contact the Sandy City Building and Safety Division at (801) 568-7251.

Written by: Gil Avellar, Planning Director at Sandy City

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