A Noble Profession


Post Date:09/20/2016 2:47 PM

Highly publicized incidents and inflammatory rhetoric have cast an unfair pall over the entire policing community. As with any industry, there are going to be a few bad apples, but by and large, police officers deserve our respect and trust. 

Policing is a profession of the highest honor, one in which officers daily place their lives in harm’s way for the good of society as a whole. They do it not for pay or personal recognition, but rather out of a sense of duty, pride, caring and because they know they are the last line of defense for a civilized society.

I have never been more proud of our police force! Our department is built on a culture of support, friendliness and community outreach. We recruit men and women of the highest caliber and now have 112 sworn officers of exemplary character serving our citizens.


One such officer was recently honored by KSL Newsradio as part of their Beyond the Badge series, for not only being an exceptional officer, but for going above and beyond the call of duty to help a resident in need. 

Officer Keo was on patrol one snowy day last winter when he noticed an elderly woman struggling to shovel her driveway. This woman was trying valiantly to accomplish the task, but was clearly in no condition to deal with the amount of snow. To make matters work, the effort was taking her away from caring for her bedridden husband. 

Recognizing her struggle, Officer Keo stopped his patrol car, expressed his concern and shoveled her driveway. He then checked in on her the next day to make sure she had no other needs. Clearly, his duty as a police officer did not require him to stop and help, but the culture of our department and his internal character compelled him to make that extra effort.


 Officer Keo’s act is representative of a department that is always looking to improve by increasing interaction with the public. In that spirit, they launched a new citizen survey in May to ensure they are better responding to the public’s feedback. Police will now randomly give a follow-up survey to those they’ve served on recent calls. They evaluate the responses and make any necessary changes as appropriate.

Join me in daily honoring the heroes who protect our community, who keep us safe and whose mission has never changed: to protect and serve the public. They do it unselfishly, they do it well! 

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