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Ron Steckler

The Little Free Library Movement

Post Date:10/24/2016 9:17 AM

RonSteckler“I have been connected with libraries one way or another for over 40 years, both as a school library media specialist and as a professional trainer and consultant in the library computer software industry,” says Ron Steckler.  He recently retired from full-time employment but wanted to stay connected to the library world.   The Little Free Library concept grabbed his attention when he read an article in the SL Tribune about these little libraries hitting it big in the Cache Valley/Logan area. “I figured, hey, I can do that.  So, I built my own little weatherproof version of a log cabin.”  After a few months in operation, Ron has had many positive comments from neighbors and folks walking by.  For example, one warm evening this past summer, a gang of teens were checking out the DVDs and CDs, and a young gal said to Ron, “this is so cool.” Compliments from a young adult, how can you argue with that!

Little Free Library

The Little Free Library movement was started by two guys from Wisconsin.  It is a non-profit that has reached 40,000 little libraries world-wide.

The basic concept is a little house of books is placed in fron

t yards, parks and other easily-accessible locations.  Based on the premise; aka “honor system” of take a book, leave a book, but by all means experience the joy of reading. There are no fees, no registration just people interacting with reading and learning.  This project was recently recognized by the Library of Congress’s Best Practices in Literacy program in the 2015.  If you would like to know more about this program or how to plan your own little library go to this website:  www.littlefreelibrary.org 

You can build your own little library or purchase a ready-to-assemble kit from various sources. 

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