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Road & Neighborhood Winter Safety

A Safer Place

Post Date:10/24/2016 9:42 AM


Winter Road

It is a priority of Sandy City to minimize danger in winter conditions and to make all public areas, including parks and roads, safe and passable as quickly as possible. The city works closely with residents during a storm to ensure that a safe environment is achieved.

It is our hope that snow can be cleared within a reasonable timeframe and that any safety issues can be resolved quickly. 


Tips for making your neighborhood safer:

  1. Clear snow from your driveway and sidewalk within 24 hours of a storm. 
  2. Blowing or pushing snow into any city street is hazardous and is not allowed.
  3. Parking overnight on city streets during a storm or the 24 hours following a storm is not allowed from Nov. 1 to April 30 to ensure safe passage of snow plows.
  4. Help the elderly or infirmed by shoveling their areas.
  5. Clear common areas in neighborhoods such as mailboxes, fire hydrants or sidewalks for children walking to school.

Sandy Snow Priorities

The Public Works Department has crews prepared 24 hours a day in the event of a storm. Their priority is to make all main arterial roads passable for schools, hospitals, fire stations and commuter traffic. Please keep in mind that it could be 12-18 hours after a storm begins before a plow enters your neighborhood. Residential streets will be plowed after main roads are cleared.

The Parks Department’s first priority is to clear sidewalks near city buildings and school walkways. Crews are able to clear snow from all paved sections of trails and jogging paths as soon as all other priority locations are safe. Parks maintains over 90 locations.

The Police Department would like to remind drivers to not park on the street during the winter months from Nov. 1 through April 30. Police officers can cite or tow vehicles parked on city streets during a storm or within 24 hours after a storm if they interfere with snowplow operations.

The Fire Department asks residents to clear snow and debris around fire hydrants. Taking just a few minutes to clear around a hydrant may mean life or death in the event of a fire.

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