Bradburn Brief: May 2018

Post Date:05/01/2018 6:11 PM

Dear Sandy Resident,

Spring is such a great season, and Utah is the perfect place to enjoy it.  Warmer weather is on the horizon so I hope you are finding time to get out to enjoy Sandy’s parks and trails. Also, spring means bulk waste pick-up, so don’t miss out on this city service coming to your neighborhood. (

We have been working hard on the 2018-19 Budget Proposal. Although always a challenging process, we are pleased to report that our proposal contains: 

1) the elimination of the water fund subsidy transfer

2) compensation plan for our dedicated employees that matches last year’s plan

3) a competitive compensation package for Sandy police officers

For your information, the last several years has seen other municipalities and agencies significantly increasing compensation for police officers, so our police attrition rate has been unusually high. As many of you know, I am a firm believer that a core service of city government is to provide public safety and having a well-trained and experienced police department is key to that service. Our proposed compensation package should retain our Sandy City officers, while also allowing us to recruit the best and brightest. 

We heard from many of you that you wanted the budget process to be more transparent and easier to understand. Accordingly, we have shortened and simplified both the process and the budget book. We also hope to present the budget proposal two months before the deadline of June 30th to give you time to review. We also created an online budget tool so you can see how city revenues are collected and how they are spent. Using the tool, you can create hypothetical scenarios such as an economic recession when less taxes are collected, and decide where those limited tax dollars should go to balance the budget. You can even forward us your own budget proposal! The budget proposal and online tool can be found on the Sandy City website:

As always, I welcome your input and engagement. Please connect with us and stay informed by using our City websites and and our social media channels Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube for information updated daily.


Mayor Kurt Bradburn

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