Bradburn Brief: Citizen Engagement

Post Date:06/29/2018 12:28 PM

Dear Sandy Residents,

I can’t believe it has already been six months since I took office! I feel we have accomplished a lot in that short amount of time but still have lots to do. One of my main priorities as a new Mayor, was to make our first responder compensation competitive with other agencies. Over the last decade, Sandy City has fallen behind in wages, which is making it harder and harder to attract and retain top talent. I am proud to report that we were able to put together a competitive package for both police and fire through the budget process. I am confident this measure will ensure Sandy City remains a safe place to live and raise your family.

Allowing for more citizen engagement in our city government is also a top priority for my administration. We have been working on ways to make it easier for you to be informed on the decisions that are being made and give your input. Sandy is filled with very talented people who have expertise in many different fields and would bring a welcome perspective to the decisions made at City Hall. We are asking for residents who care about issues like sustainability, city budgets, arts, open space, technology, community events, development and health to join our citizen advisory committees. These committees will study topic areas, engage and integrate other citizens who have expressed interest in the committee focus and provide recommendations to the city administration. 

Another great way to get involved is to serve as a community coordinator. Sandy has been divided up into 30 communities and a coordinator acts as a liaison between the residents and City Hall in each area. These coordinators will be critical when it comes to disseminating information during an emergency and are very helpful to the city for getting feedback about the impact of development on your neighborhood. 

If joining a committee or being a coordinator doesn’t fit into your schedule, you can join our citizen survey panel where you will receive a monthly survey to give feedback on the services the city provides.

Finally, every first Friday of the month at 10 am, I will be holding a Facebook Live on the Mayor Bradburn page and will be answering all of your pressing questions. Don’t forget you can always connect with us and get more information about all of these opportunities on our City websites and and on our social media channels Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube for information updated daily. 

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