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Home Security System Tips

Post Date:06/29/2018 12:58 PM

Each summer the Police Department sees a sharp increase in false alarm calls. These calls are largely preventable and take away from our public safety resources.  Here is what you need to know:

There are a few possible causes of false alarms, especially in the summer:

  • Visitors to your home that don’t normally use your alarm system.
  • Not having regular preventative maintenance performed on your alarm system. Weak batteries can cause alarm problems.
  • Windows left open to allow for the nice spring/summer breeze.
  • Youth are out of school

You can help reduce these false dispatches with a few simple steps:

  • Make sure anyone with a key to your home has been properly and adequately trained in the correct use of your alarm system. They need to know how to work the alarm at the keypad and how to cancel the alarm with the alarm monitoring company.
  • Make sure school-aged children understand the importance of using the alarm correctly to avoid false alarms.
  • As you leave your home, check to ensure that your home is secured. Open windows may allow a breeze to move window treatments and activate motion sensors. Unsecured doors can also creep open in the breeze to create false alarms.
  • Instruct your monitoring company not to dispatch on non-emergency signals. This can include power outages, weather related signals, low battery signals or heat loss sensors.
  • Request your monitoring company to use Enhanced Call Verification (ECV), which requires making two calls to a responsible party prior to requesting a law enforcement dispatch. Make sure your responsible party call list is current.
  • If you get a new pet, call your alarm company to ensure your new family member is not going to create alarm problems.
  • Take care when rearranging your home. Ensure moving items such as balloons, curtains, decorations and plants are not placed in the path of motion detectors.

Taking a few minutes to follow these steps will make a huge difference in reducing the false alarm calls in Sandy.

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