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Winter Air Quality

Small Changes Make a Big Difference

Post Date:12/27/2016 9:07 AM

Air Quality 

Use a shovel instead of a snow blower.

Get a little exercise and reduce your emissions. Using a shovel increases your quality of life and improves Utah’s air.

Clear the air by using public transportation.

Utah offers a variety of public transportation options including TRAX, Frontrunner, buses and carshare. See which options work best for you. 

Start carpooling.

If you carpool, that’s one less car on the road emitting pollutants into the air. Carpoolers are shown to have less commuter-related stress, improved morale and greater productivity at work. See if you can find a carpooling buddy.

Be idle free.

Ten seconds of idling can use more fuel than turning off your engine and restarting it, and it reduces your emissions. Turn off your engine next time you’re in the pick-up, drop-off zone.

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