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Becoming an Involved Citizen

Post Date:02/07/2017 3:58 PM


How Do I Get Involved?

One of the best things about Sandy is the number of citizens who have exceptional ideas about how to make our great city even better!

If you are itching to be more involved with your community, there are a few ways to do it! Consider this your starter guide to “Becoming An Involved Citizen.”


Providing Feedback:

Do you drive past the same pothole on your commute each morning? Is the streetlight near your house flickering or out completely?

Sandy City provides a large variety of services to residents and we rely on the keen eye of our citizens to alert us when an issue crops up! If you need to report one of these issues (waterline break, streetlight outage, pothole, minor police report, graffiti, etc), check out our handy “How Do I Report…?” page with links to online reporting forms, phone numbers, etc.


Contacting Your Elected & Appointed Officials:

In Sandy, the City Council is the legislative branch, responsible for the passing and repealing of city ordinances and rezones. If you are hoping to make a change to city law, or want to voice your opinion about an upcoming rezone, ordinance, etc., you can contact your City Council members in a variety of ways:

Contacting Council Members Directly:

Council Members serve part time and most have full-time jobs outside of their work on the Council.  The best way to get in touch with a Council Member is to contact the staff and they can help route your message to the appropriate Council Member. 

You can also e-mail Council Members directly.  All e-mail addresses are available on the Council's webpage.  Due to the volume of e-mail received however, responses can take some time.  If looking for a quicker response, it is best to phone the Council Office.

Bringing an Issue to the Council:

You can raise an issue with the City Council in a number of ways.  Contacting a member of the Council can be a great first step because he or she can then request time on a Council agenda, if appropriate.  Residents can also attend a City Council meeting and speak to the Council during the "Citizen Comments" portion of the meeting.  Comments are generally limited to three minutes.  Please note that the Council is prohibited by law from taking action on any item that is not listed on the agenda at least 24 hours in advance. 

Getting an Item on the Agenda:

Council agendas are generally planned several weeks, if not months, in advance.  The City Council elects a Chair who guides the agenda planning process.  If you wish to contact the Council Chair about scheduling an item, please notify Council Officer Director Mike Applegarth at (801) 568-7141.  Also, as mentioned above, contacting a member of the Council can be a great first step because he or she can request time on a Council agenda if appropriate.

Contacting the Mayor:

The Mayor is the executive branch of the city and does not hold the same legislative power as the City Council. However, he or she may veto council votes if necessary and can provide input to the City Council agenda. If you feel your feedback or issue needs the attention of the Mayor, you can call the Mayor’s Office at 801-568-7257.

Contacting the Planning Commission:

The Planning Commission is comprised of Sandy residents who have been appointed by the Mayor to make a variety of development and planning decisions for Sandy. If you feel your feedback or issue would best be addressed by the Planning Commission, you can contact the Planning Office at 801-568-7256.


Annual Citizen Survey:

If you would like to lend your voice from the comfort of your computer or mobile device, our new resident survey program, Citizen Connect, is perfect for you! We are making city engagement better by listening to you directly. Residents who join Citizen Connect will receive regular, short surveys on important issues facing Sandy.

Signing Up is Easy:

Just complete a short demographic survey using the link below and you'll be all set!

Citizen Connect Demographic Survey


No matter what method you choose, we are eager to hear from our citizens and hope to build an even better Sandy together!


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