Parents Empowered Phase 3

JULY 2016

Post Date:09/20/2016
On June 30, Sandy City and Parents Empowered held a press conference to announce the third phase of our campaign to prevent underage drinking. Our firefighters proudly unveiled eleven of their vehicles displaying powerful anti-drinking messages that will be seen throughout Sandy as they respond to calls. Similar messages are already on our Waste Management garbage trucks and our police cars. The goal of all three is to prompt parents to talk with their children about the importance of staying alcohol-free.

Our campaign stresses these key messages:

  • Prental disapproval is the #1 reason kids choose not to drink
  •  Parents are the most powerful influence on their children’s behavior
  •  While parents may feel their teens are tuning them out and no longer listening to their advice, teens report just the opposite
  •  Parents often underestimate the problem of underage drinking in Utah, with 31% of kids saying they have been drunk in the past year
  • Children who feel close to their parents are less likely to drink alcohol underage

Take the time to talk to your kids. They will listen!

For more information on what you as parents can do to prevent underage drinking: Parents Empowered

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