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How Oil Analysis is Saving Money

Post Date:11/12/2018 4:35 PM

It is essential for the city to maintain its equipment in order to ensure things continue to run smoothly, and projects get completed. But when to perform maintenance and when to replace machinery isn’t always easy to figure out. That’s why, this past year, Sandy City Fleet Management purchased an oil analysis machine to better track the performance of city-owned equipment.

A sample of oil is analyzed by the machine to determine the lubricant’s properties, suspended contaminants, and wear debris. It is performed during routine predictive maintenance to provide meaningful and accurate information on lubricant and machine condition.

It saves time and money by extending oil drain intervals, and assists with predicting major component failures before they happen, which means we can act more efficiently and cost effectively! To date, the City has seen the following results:

•   $44,427 savings in labor and oil

•   3,403 gallons less oil used

•   $2,420 in disposal costs

Now that’s some pretty slick news!

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