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Prepare for Emergency

Post Date:11/13/2018 8:01 AM

Store water. You may be able to shelter in place, or you may have to evacuate by driving/walking. To be prepared for each scenario, have large and small containers of water and water bottles. 

Water purification. Have one or two methods to purify water for times when you have no clean water for drinking.

Have cash. Without electricity, electronic banking will not work. Have some cash (bills and coins) in your Go Bag.

Go Bags. Have a Go Bag for each family member, including pets. They don’t have to be elaborate, only include the things you need to get you through three-five days, including medications, glasses, water, food, etc.

Prepare early. By preparing now, you won’t have to fight crowds, or stand in line, for the last case of water, gallon of gas, required prescriptions, etc. Get a surplus now and rotate your stock. 

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