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Water Conservation Tips

Post Date:05/02/2017 4:57 PM


Goodbye to short days, cold weather, and winter! Hello to longer days, warm weather, and lots of sun! With the change in seasons, many will be spending more time outdoors and shaping up landscapes. 

Unfortunately, warmer weather sometimes means higher water usage, which means your water bill may be higher throughout the spring and summer. To avoid a shock when your utility bill arrives, here are some great tips to manage your water use:

  1. Sign up for Aquahawk, Sandy City’s Water Utility Portal to track your usage, set up water bill alerts and access all this info via desktop or mobile device. Test drive the system today:

  2. Be a leak detective! A dripping faucet wastes 8 gallons of water a day - you can save even more by continually checking your sprinkler system and fixing leaks/damaged heads.

  3. Make sure your sprinklers water the grass and not the driveway or house.

  4. Visit Sego Lily Gardens, our water-wise demonstration garden to see water-wise plants and landscapes. You can have a beautiful yard without driving up your water bill – let us show you how!

  5. Call to schedule a FREE Water Audit. USU interns will come to your home, evaluate your sprinkling system and make suggestions to maximize efficiency. Call 877-SAVE-H2O


Water is a vital resource that we must protect and conserve! It’s up to each of us to protect and conserve water. These tips are handy for the warm weather, but useful all year round! 

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