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Preparedness: Creating A Safer Place

Post Date:09/26/2019 8:00 AM

PreparednessSeptember is alwaysNational Preparedness Month. Utah is not known for its big disasters like earthquakes and wildfires, yet that is what most people talk about. But what about the minor disasters? Are you prepared for a more common event?

Here in Sandy, we have hazards that may not impact the whole valley but can certainly cause a disruption in our everyday lives, like car accidents, fires, etc. Sandy Police and Fire Departments take care of these incidents well but there are other hazards that may cause more of a disruption for hours or days. In these cases, having a plan, stored resources, and a place to go can surely create a safer place no matter where we end up, whether it’s sheltering in-place at home, work, school, or with a relative in the valley.

Having a Go Bag at each of these locations can provide comfort and confidence in our ability to be resilient to the incident. 


Include water in your Go Bag for home, work, and school. Water outage or contamination could be huge. It won’t knock your house down, but it is the most vital of resources. 

Keep three protein bars (equaling 1200 calories) on hand. That way if you are ever in an emergency and you need to hide in place, secure in place, and/or shelter in place, you will have enough to keep you going for at least a day.

Have a backup power source (it could mean life or death). If there is a power outage, some require power just to breathe. Having alternate sources for light, power, and heat, will definitely make your place safer and more comfortable.

Have a predetermined place to go so you’re not caught off guard. There are hazardous materials (HAZMAT) that travels up and down the railroad tracks and I-15, daily. Additionally, gasoline, propane, chlorine, radiation, and other toxic materials are used by businesses and residents. If there is an incident, it could affect nearby housing and businesses, possibly the city, and beyond. 

To learn more, attend Sandy Citizen Corps Emergency Preparedness Training the second Thursday of each month at 7 p.m., at Sandy City Hall, and we will provide you with information that will help you when disaster strikes.



Jeffory Mulcahy, Sandy City Emergency Manager 

Emergency Management Division

801-568-7279 or