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Summer Fireworks / 4th of July Celebration

Post Date:06/13/2017 12:55 PM

Where can I discharge fireworks in Sandy?

Sandy City is asking residents to exercise extreme caution during these dry stages so that the life and safety of everyone in the city may be upheld.

Sandy City is not immune to the extreme fire hazards plaguing many communities right now in the form of a wildfire. Conditions are right for even the smallest opportunity of a fire, no matter the cause, to spread quickly throughout our city. The Sandy City took action in February of 2011 to create fire restriction zones within the city in order to protect areas where the greatest risk of fire exists. Download maps of the restricted areas in Sandy below (please remember that any city or state park is also restricted).

4th of July Celebration Line-up

Thumbnail image for flier of 2017's 4th of July Celebration

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