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Our Community Will Heal

Post Date:07/01/2017 3:04 PM


Our community experienced an unthinkable tragedy on Tuesday, June 6 when two of our residents, Memorez Rackley and her 6-year-old son, Jace were the victims of a shooting. Linda and I wanted to express our condolences to their family, neighbors and friends. We also wish a swift recovery to the surviving victims. In the midst of our sadness, we have seen inspirational examples of the type of community we are: unified in tragedy and providing extraordinary comfort to those in need.

We have also seen amazing displays of courage by innocent bystanders who put themselves in potential danger to provide aid, by our first responders who protect us day in and day out, subjecting themselves to seeing horrors that we can’t imagine. We cannot begin to truly express our appreciation to them for the dignified and skillful service they provide. They have a professional duty to perform, but they feel the pain and grieve with the victims and community. We offer our continued support to them.

Lives were forever changed that day and events cannot be unseen or forgotten, but the healing process is beginning and for that, we are thankful. As I attended a touching interfaith service the following Thursday, I was overwhelmed with love and pride for Sandy residents and felt so much gratitude to be in their presence. It is the people who give the heart to a community and such is the case here: kind words, aid offered, tears shed and a continued outpouring of love and inclusion. 

It is in times of tragedy that the true mettle of a person, and a community, is determined. Our heart has shone through and I’ve never been more proud to call Sandy home.

Sandy City Police have posted bereavement resources for those who need help dealing with this incident. It can be found on their main webpage at