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Quick Tips: River Oaks Golf

Post Date:08/04/2017 12:52 PM



Find a full-length mirror and follow these simple steps: 

Soften your knees slightly.

Fold forward from the hips: Keep your spine straight as your torso falls forward and your hips push backwards in one piece (avoid a lower back that is too arched and an upper back that is too rounded)

Feel yourself in balance over the laces of your golf shoes with your hands hanging right in front of your toes. 


Want to be a good putter? Here are some basic fundamentals you should be practicing: 

Get a putter with a very distinct line marked on it to indicate the target line and practice with a chalk line. This will train your eyes to “see square” precisely.

Keep the pressure in your hands soft and constant throughout the stroke. Sensitivity is a huge part of putting.

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