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Shop with a Cop

Post Date:09/06/2017

Underprivileged Kids Get to Shop With a Cop

As the new school year fast approaches, back-to-school shopping is in full swing. It is easy to forget there are many kids in our community who don’t have the luxury of getting anything new to start their year. Sandy Police and Wal-Mart teamed up to make sure 14 underprivileged kids from The Sandy Club got to experience the thrill of new supplies.

On Saturday, August 12, Sandy City officers and youth explorers were treated to a one-on-one shopping excursion with a youth who, more than likely, was experiencing their first back-to-school shopping experience. The day began bright and early with breakfast and a fun opportunity for the youth to get to know the officers in their community better. “We believe in Community-Oriented Policing where our officers are regularly reaching out to those they serve in a positive way,” said Kevin Thacker, Sandy City Police Chief.

Each child was given a $125 Wal-Mart gift card and officers guided them through the store to purchase everything needed.

“It’s quite a reality check, and incredibly touching, to see children expressing such excitement over simply getting new underwear or choosing a back pack,” said Nicole Martin, Sandy City Deputy Mayor. “It was a heart-warming experience we would like to see take place each year.”

From the kids:

“I like everything I got. I got to push the cart and my new calculator is really cool.” —Kedyn

“My favorite thing of the whole day was turning on the sirens in the police car. My clothes are brand new and my backpack is the coolest!” —Zackery

“I got really pretty shirts, nice pants and a cool back pack. Riding in the police car was my favorite!”—Anna