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Hennie van Jaarsveld

Post Date:10/10/2017 9:00 AM

I was born in South Africa, where I lived until 1998. We (my wife, our two children and I) moved to Vermont to explore a different world.  At that time, we had seen most of South Africa and one of the neighboring states.  We decided to come to the USA for two years and we are still here! 

During our time in Africa, we lived in Swakopmund on the coast of Namibia. It was desert and you could see for miles around. While Vermont was beautiful, we felt claustrophobic among the trees. No such problem in Utah, so we moved here 8 years ago after learning about Utah from my son who went to the University of Utah.  

Sandy has been the best place to live! We loved that we could get to the mountains, the west desert and the south, all within a single day’s drive. We love to explore new places and go camping. 

My wife and I both volunteer for different groups.  My wife volunteers for a group named RINS (Raptor Inventory Nest Survey).  Each volunteer is assigned an area to monitor the activities of the birds of prey in that area.  This gives her an opportunity to go out every two weeks and enjoy the wonderful outdoors of Utah.

I volunteer at the Sandy Amphitheater.  We help patrons to find their seats and check their tickets.  It is a great venue and a great bunch of people to work with.  For me, the interactions with the patrons are the most fun.  We joke and dance when the music moves us.  I strongly suggest that anyone who wants to do something for the people of Sandy, come join us as a volunteer next year!