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Jerry Stewart

Post Date:12/28/2017 11:29 AM

Jerry has been volunteering at the Sandy Senior Center for 19 years. Jerry loves teaching computer skills and is at the Senior Center 4 – 6 hours a day.  He has taught all levels of computer classes, ranging from word processing to advanced operating systems. He has taught several thousand senior citizens in his time at Sandy.  Jerry and his team of volunteer instructors have created a computer instruction program that is perhaps the finest at any senior center in the nation.

Jerry moved to Sandy after he retired from the Air Force in 1980. He is married to Doris and they have two grown children.  He accepted a job at Sperry that used both the microwave communications experience and flying experience that he received in the military.  

He started his Air Force career as an enlisted man trained to repair flight simulators.  He went through OCS to get his commission before pilot training.  He served as a mission pilot, combat pilot, instructor pilot, flight examiner and test pilot while in the service.  In the middle of this flying period, he went back to school and earned his electrical engineering degree. He was assigned as the system engineer responsible for upgrading the European analog telephone system used by the military to a digital system.  

Jerry’s interest in electronics started early in his life and, at the age of 14, he held both a FCC commercial technicians license and a ham radio license.  At that time, he was working part time repairing two-way radios in police and taxi vehicles and going to school. 

His interest in voluntary teaching also started at that time.  He started out by teaching ham radio electronics classes and then FCC commercial license classes.  He continued this in the military for several years.  After returning from Vietnam where he flew the AC-47, he received formal training to be an instructor and spent 3 years teaching foreign students to fly airplanes. 

A year after he retired from Sperry (now known as L3) he started volunteering at the Sandy Senior Center.