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Bradburn Brief: Hello Sandy

Post Date:01/02/2018 2:00 PM

A medium-sized portrait of Mayor Bradburn.Dear Sandy Residents:

What an honor it is to be able to write this note to the citizens of this great city as your newly elected Mayor. I felt your overwhelming support and sincere interest in Sandy City’s successful future. Please know that I welcome your continued engagement going forward through the many opportunities we are making available. I feel the weight and responsibility of serving each of you by addressing your needs and concerns. Based on your input and comments during the recent campaign, below are a few key initiatives my administration will be focusing on:

Value Driven Innovation

Since value is a component of service, quality and cost, we commit to introducing as much innovation as possible, weighing carefully the relative value that innovation will bring into our residents’ lives. Whether that be creating greater convenience by “live streaming” public meetings so you can participate from the comfort of your home, or digitizing and posting many of the “paper” documents that interest you, the list of opportunities is exciting, and endless.

Customer Service and Responsiveness

Every public entity, and employee, should respond to “their boss” in a timely and respectful manner. My administration believes that the citizens are their ultimate boss, and plans are in place to ensure that every question, concern, need or inquiry is responded to in a timely, friendly, empathetic and competent way. You can also be looking for, and expecting, increased transparency and multi-mediums of communication with the goal of reaching each resident.

Continuous Quality Improvement and Efficiency

Every hour of every day the world experiences advances in almost every aspect of our lives. Technological achievements now assist us in so many of our daily tasks. The key is for each Sandy City department to embrace the process of constant quality improvement and to evaluate what can be done better, smarter and faster. Data-driven decision making will be an integral component in moving forward to ensure efficiencies are leveraged and realized.

Citizen Centric and Driven City

I heard from so many residents that you wanted your city leadership to put your interests and needs center and foremost in all of our decisions. As promised, through the use of “passion-based” focus groups followed up by task force community groups, we hope to receive input and guidance from every demographic within our community. Consequently, residents will actively help drive decisions for a more citizen-centric community.

Lastly, I want to publicly thank Mayor Tom Dolan for his amazing and committed service over the past 24 years recognizing all of his accomplishments in developing our city to its current status.

Onward and upward!