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2017 Outstanding Employees

Post Date:01/16/2018 2:09 PM

Learn more about the eight outstanding Sandy City employees honored in December 2017:

Lois Stillion

Lois is a team player and will help out wherever needed.  Lois works very hard to keep all programs running really well. She communicates well with her staff of all ages.  She listens to her staff when they have new ideas, concerns, or input.  She is always looking for new programs to offer at Alta Canyon.  She evaluates each program and looks at new ways to advertise for programs that need more attention. Because she leads by example and has great people skills, many of her seasonal staff return year after year. Lois is an asset to Alta Canyon and Sandy City.  She truly loves what she does!


Jennifer Schroeder

Jennifer is a Paramedic/Firefighter at Sandy City and works part time as a nurse for IHC. She always goes above and beyond with patients. She gives her undivided attention and care to the patient, and always has their best interests in mind. When returning from calls she focuses and discusses what was going on medically with the patients and where we could help them in their process of healing. She is a positive person and brings that attribute to work. She is always concerned with the welfare of her family, friends and co-workers. She is a friend to all and a fantastic employee. 


Jake Petersen

Jake is always ready and willing to help with anything. He often performs tasks beyond the scope of his job description, just to help out the department. After the Public Works fire, Jake spent countless hours moving, organizing, and helping others get set up. He made several trips in his personal vehicle, brought in his own tools and helped us get back up and running. He is detailed and knowledgeable – without his dedication, there would be no connection between the GIS real world and the capital improvement projects Public Works completes. You couldn’t meet a more genuine guy and Public Works is lucky to have Jake!


Eric Richards

Anyone who has ever interacted with Eric knows instantly what an asset he is to Sandy City. Eric is easy to work with and always fosters a collaborative team environment. He always has a smile and a kind word to say. He is the graphic design powerhouse of Sandy and, as Communications Director, is involved with many broad groups to keep Sandy relevant on a state-wide scale. He is always looking for ways we can be better in our jobs and our relationships with our coworkers. On top of all of this, Eric is incredibly humble and not one to boast about his accomplishments or skills. Eric is truly an outstanding Sandy City employee. 


Ronni Stevenson

Ronni has been an officer with Sandy City Police since February 1992 and has dealt with every issue known to man, woman, boy, girl, child. She is a positive influence showing genuine concern for ‘her people’ while being a mentor as an outstanding first line supervisor.  She has also served as a volunteer hostage negotiator and Peer Support member. As the head of the Field Training Program, she revamped the program to better educate and train our field training officers. She models team qualities like respect, cooperation, helpfulness, and she cares deeply. She is an outstanding employee.


Amy Thomas

Amy has worked for the City for nine years as the Secretary of the Planning Division and now as the Information Specialist. She is very knowledgeable, customer service oriented, and easy to work with. She is willing to help anyone that needs help. She has excelled in tracking every development bond that is posted to ensure that projects are built according to approved plans. We have received numerous compliments about her work attitude and her ability to get bonds released in a timely manner.  Over the last couple of years we have seen Amy grow from a good employee to a great one. 


Jason Nelson

Jason is always ready to help whenever someone has a technology, phone or computer problem. He keeps himself available almost 24/7, even taking calls while standing in line for the next ride. He keeps the city computer system up and running and always has a positive demeanor and encouraging words for those experiencing not the best of days. He has invested himself to insure that new software systems are installed successfully and functioning the way they should, and ensures that the latest systems’ security keeps the city up and running.


Susan Craft

Susan is a good team player and actively contributes to improving the effectiveness of the court. She proactively and accurately completes all of her duties. She effectively informs defendants of proper procedure and is skilled at resolving complex situations. She has excellent time management skills and completes all of her duties in a timely manner, allowing her to assist other clerks and the court supervisor. 

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