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Quick Tips: Residential Parking

Post Date:01/30/2018 2:40 PM

1. All vehicles must be parked on a hard surface with a few exceptions for recreational vehicles and animal transport trailers. The maximum area allowed for parking of vehicles is 20 percent of the front yard excluding the main driveway, 35 percent of the rear yard, and one of the two side yards.

2. Only one inoperable vehicle may be stored on the property outside of a fully enclosed structure.  Any vehicle must be kept on a hard surface within the rear or side yard and underneath a cover manufactured specifically for vehicles (no tarps allowed). 

3. Recreational vehicles, including motor homes, trailers, boats, snowmobiles, four-wheelers, etc., must be located within the side or rear yard, unless physically impossible (then only one recreational vehicle is allowed in the front yard). Recreational vehicles may not be parked on the street, overhang the public sidewalk, or in any other area that would create a traffic visibility hazard.

4. Only one commercial vehicle may be parked on a residential lot and must be owned or apportioned by the occupant of that residence.  Semi-tractors, trailers, trucks, or vehicles over 10 feet in height or more than 30 feet in length, are not allowed to park in residential areas. Commercial vehicles must be stored in the side or rear yard unless it is physically impossible.  They may not be parked on the public street, within 10 feet of the sidewalk, or in any other area that would create a traffic visibility hazard.

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