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Fall Lawn Preparation

Post Date:08/19/2016 8:51 AM

Fall is the most beneficial time to fertilize your lawn. The declining temperatures reduce top growth and soil temperatures between 58-65 degrees are optimal for root growth. Fertilizing at this time will promote more stored energy, benefiting the grass as it enters dormancy until spring.

Another factor to consider is to reduce watering. Avoid using the “set and forget” method of watering. Become familiar with your irrigation controllers and make the appropriate and frequent adjustments to limit overwatering and expensive water bills. Water usage should be reduced significantly in the fall. A good rule of thumb is to water deeply and infrequently to promote good root growth.

Early fall is also a great time to aerate your lawn. It is best to avoid aeration in the summer, as the turf is already stressed from the heat. When temperatures begin to decline, aeration provides a great opportunity to reduce compaction, and to allow more oxygen into the soil. If the turf grass is thin or in need of repair, over seeding the lawn after aeration will help with seed germination. 


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