I Am Sandy

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  • RonSteckler

    Ron Steckler

    “I have been connected with libraries one way or another for over 40 years, both as a school library media specialist and as a professional trainer and consultant in the library computer software industry,” says Ron Steckler.

    10/24/2016 9:17 AM

  • Mryon Denison

    With 10 years of passionate service, the Sandy Arts Guild would like to thank Myron Denison for his kind support and endless hours of dedication of the arts in our city.

    09/20/2016 3:27 PM

  • Deanna Lambson

    In 2009, Deanna Lambson, a U of U graduate, elementary teacher and mother of 6 decided to help the children at her local Sandy elementary school use technology in healthy and positive ways.

    09/20/2016 3:20 PM

  • Mike Edmonds

    Mike and his wife Becky moved to Sandy in 1989 with their two young children. They have since expanded that family to include four more children and now five grandchildren. They left Sandy briefly in 2001 to work in Gillette, Wyoming but were grateful for the opportunity three years later to return to Sandy.

    09/15/2016 10:17 AM

  • Youth Council

    Five feet, eight inches long and braided in colors of red, white and blue, the Sandy Youth City Council (SYCC) Honor Cord is a symbol of the spirit and purpose of the SYCC organization. Six outstanding SYCC seniors earned this Honor Cord and a Certificate of Achievement for the 2015/16 school year. Those seniors are Maddie Berrett, Olivia Cline, and Annie Wrigley of Jordan High School; and Mary Bryner, Colton Liu and Canyon Smith of Alta High School.

    09/15/2016 10:12 AM

  • Emily Guertler

    Seeing the daily struggles of her brother dealing with diabetes served as the inspiration for 15-year-old Emily Guertler to start her small business, StraightShot Apparel. Wanting to find a way to make required daily injections more manageable for kids and parents led her to design a line of stylish pants with adjustable zippers. The pants are hand-sewn and made exclusively for children, with a zipper along the thigh making it easier to give an injection in the upper leg.

    09/15/2016 9:59 AM

  • Clair Naylor

    Clair and his wife Jennifer, both originally from Holladay, have 5 children. They reside in the Sandy Granite Community and have also lived in Spring, Texas (Houston), Saginaw and Troy, (Detroit) Michigan. Jennifer received her degree (Sociology) from the University of Utah and has kept the family in order as a homemaker.

    09/15/2016 9:50 AM

  • Cathy Spuck

    Cathy Spuck grew up in Baltimore, Maryland but has made Sandy her home for the past 22 years. She says that as a child she was taught to go the extra mile, to exceed expectations.

    07/05/2016 12:40 PM

  • Beverly Barrett

    If someone was looking for a definition of passion for the arts they would have to look no further than Beverly Barrett. A long time Sandy resident of 43 years, Bev (she prefers to go by Bev) proudly declares that the arts are her entire life.

    07/05/2016 12:39 PM

  • LaMar Beckstead

    LaMar Beckstead has deep roots in Sandy. He was born in Magna, attended Cypress High School, married, and then joined the Army during the Berlin Crisis.

    07/05/2016 12:08 PM

  • Linda Snyder

    In 2010, Linda Snyder called a number on a flyer posted in her gym. She was responding to a request for volunteers at the Sandy Amphitheater.

    07/05/2016 12:03 PM

  • Karen Thomas

    Karen moved to Sandy in January 1994 with her husband and 3 sons. She volunteered in local schools tutoring students in reading, training reading tutors, and judging and running PTA Reflections contests.

    07/05/2016 11:27 AM

  • Brian Parker

    On March 8, 2016, Brian Parker, a man with special needs, was recognized at City Council for his volunteerism in our community. In 2006, one winter's evening, Brian miraculously saved the life of an elderly woman. He just happened to be in the right place at the right time.

    07/05/2016 11:20 AM

  • Shauna Jorgensen

    The Healing Field is the display of thousands of American flags along the Sandy Promenade and in front of Sandy City Hall each year around September 11th.

    07/05/2016 11:18 AM

  • Ray Herrera

    Ray Herrara is the Storm Water Inspector for Sandy City. He works well and closely with city employees, residents, business owners and contractors to promote storm water quality.

    06/28/2016 4:20 PM

  • Robert “Bob” Mueller

    Robert “Bob” Mueller moved to Sandy in 1971 and began volunteering as a football coach in local schools. Since retiring, Bob has led an active lifestyle centered on volunteering in the community, especially at the Sandy Senior Center. Bob has served on the Center’s Advisory Council for over six years, with one year as vice president and three years as president.

    03/31/2016 10:34 AM