• Mayor at 2018 Appreciation Awards

    Bradburn Brief: March

    The last two months have gone by in a flash! It feels like just yesterday I was being sworn into office. In case you missed the updates on social media, SandyNow.com, during our Bradburn Broadcasts, etc., here are some of the great things happening in Sandy since my last note to you:

    02/28/2018 9:37 AM

  • Bradburn Brief: February

    Learn more in depth about Mayor Bradburn's goals and areas of focus!

    01/30/2018 2:05 PM

  • Thumbnail of a portrait of Mayor Bradburn.

    Bradburn Brief: Hello Sandy

    Sandy City - meet your new mayor! Mayor Bradburn's first Bradburn Brief in the SandyNow! Newsletter.

    01/02/2018 2:00 PM

  • Follow The Leader

    Mayor Dolan's last message in the SandyNow! Newsletter

    12/06/2017 10:00 AM

  • Money Magazine Honors Sandy As One of the Country’s Best

    Money Magazine named Sandy as one of the best places to live in 2017 - find out what makes our city so great in November's Dolan Discussion!

    11/01/2017 9:00 AM

  • When Fire Comes Knocking

    When fire comes knocking, will your family know what to do? Join us for a city-wide fire drill in October during Fire Prevention Month!

    10/02/2017 12:00 PM

  • Mad Plaid Contest - Hale Centre Theatre Opening

    Hale Centre Theatre is opening this month and we could not be more excited for this addition of family-friendly entertainment in our Cairns City Center. Show us your Mad Plaid pictures to win tickets to Hale Centre Theatre!

    09/01/2017 8:00 AM

  • Mayor for a Day!

    What would you do if you were mayor for a day? Forty-two of our impressive youth, from Kindergarten to 12th grade, answered that weighty question in an essay contest...


  • Our Community Will Heal

    Our community experienced an unthinkable tragedy on Tuesday, June 6 when two of our residents, Memorez Rackley and her 6-year-old son, Jace were the victims of a shooting. Linda and I wanted to express our condolences to their family, neighbors and friends.

    07/01/2017 3:04 PM

  • Mayor for a Day: Youth Essay Contest

    What would you do if you were Sandy City's Mayor?

    06/01/2017 5:00 AM

  • Behind the Badge: Keeping Sandy Safe

    As we live,work and play in Sandy City, there are approximately 150 individuals dedicated to ensuring we do so safely: 112 sworn officers, 35 civilians and 65 crossing guards. Strong volunteer programs, such as the Sandy Police Explorer Post for youth 14-21 years old and our VIPs program (Volunteers in Police Service), complement those efforts.

    05/02/2017 4:37 PM

  • 2017 Legislature - Protecting Citizens' Rights

    The phrase, “the government closest to the people governs best” comes to my mind every legislative session. In Sandy City, we use this phrase as a guiding principle, but also as a cautionary tale.

    04/04/2017 8:30 AM